Production of the ‘Voices on disruption’ series as part of the 2021 ALNAP Meeting : 6 videos which feature voices from across the sector telling us how they have responded to the disruptions of the past 20 months.

Client : ALNAP

Production of 4 minutes documentary on bat guano
Client: Earth Journalism Network
Published on: Mongabay

Co-production of a three minute video to raise awareness of the pitfalls of volunteering
Client: VSO Cambodia

Co-production of video of women Australia Awards alumni
Client: Australia Awards

Co-production of video of the three-days Regional Women’s Leadership Initiative, which took place in Phnom Penh, Cambodia in April 2019.
Client: Australia Awards

Co-production of 5 video case studies on road safety for garment workers in Cambodia. Client: AIP Foundation

Production of 5 videos for ALNAP’s series on Humanitarian Coordination

Production of a short animation to promote the launch of ALNAP’s Pilot Report ‘The State of the Humanitarian System’

Edition of a short film on the cotton industry in Zambia for the International Institute for Environment and Development

Edition of a short presentation video of the NGO Passerelles Numériques Cambodia

Production of a presentation video of Ege Bar in Phnom Penh, Cambodia

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